Kenshoo Social and Shoutlet Partner

Dec 05, 2012

Cloud-based social marketing platforms, Kenshoo Social and Shoutlet, unveiled an integrated solution for paid, owned, and earned media. The offering improves campaign analytics, enabling marketers to more accurately measure, attribute, and optimize social media campaigns and cross-channel marketing communications.

Through Kenshoo Social and Shoutlet, clients can gain visibility into the impact of owned media assets, and paid social advertising, driving more accurate captures of revenue-driving activity, down to the individual page posts. This functionality illuminates the full value of social media initiatives by enabling brands to better understand how paid and owned social media activity contribute to the purchase process.

In addition to announcing the new partnership at SMX Social, both companies launched major platform updates. Kenshoo Social released a beta of Kenshoo Social 2.0 and Shoutlet announced the next iteration of its platform, Shoutlet 6.0, which includes significant new features and updates to existing functionality. Platform demos and information are available on the Kenshoo Social and Shoutlet websites.