KeepMedia Launches Personalized Email Service, RSS Feed, and Featured Topics

Apr 06, 2004

KeepMedia, Inc., a subscription-based Web site where consumers can access a digital library of magazine and newspaper articles, has launched KeepMedia Tracker, Featured Topic pages, and two RSS feeds. KeepMedia Tracker is a personalized service that allows users to customize email alerts across magazine and newspaper titles. KeepMedia Tracker is intended to enable readers to follow recent coverage of specific subjects, people, places, or companies via email notifications from KeepMedia. When articles that match their interests become available at KeepMedia, readers are notified once daily—or as often as new articles become available. KeepMedia Tracker is integrated across so that users can create alerts directly from article pages. A "Track This Article" button is located next to each article on Each user can track an unlimited number of articles and alerts can be turned on or off at any time.

In addition to KeepMedia Tracker, KeepMedia also launched Featured Topic pages, where KeepMedia customers can browse collections of articles built around popular search terms and timely news issues like Election 2004, gay marriage, reality TV, cloning, and the Kobe Bryant trial. KeepMedia also announced its first two RSS feeds: KeepMedia Featured News ( and KeepMedia Political News (to be launched shortly). Both feeds update daily, highlighting recent and archived articles from KeepMedia's digital library of magazine and newspaper articles. For example, the KeepMedia Political News RSS feed brings together coverage from political publications, including The Atlantic, US News & World Report, Foreign Policy, Newsweek, The New Republic, The Wall Street Journal's, Mother Jones, Reason, USA Today, and more.

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