Kasitoko Annouces a Free Technology to Standardize Influencer Marketing

Nov 08, 2016

kasitoko has developed a free technology platform that spreads ad messages related to influencer campaigns through social networks to promote products or services. After several months of development, kasitoko’s technology is being tested by 15 influencer marketing networks across France, UK, Italy, Switzerland, Holland, Mexico, Colombia, Ecuador, and the United Arab Emirates. In the following months, another 40 networks will join kasitoko’s portfolio, once the beta period of the platform is finished.

From a single white label platform, networks can affiliate their influencers through a mobile app. This will enable them to automatically manage their Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram profiles.

One of the main problems solved by kasitoko’s technology is manual publishing on influencers’ social network profiles. Many advertisers and networks had no control over the timing and the distribution of content published by influencers, Advertisers also found it difficult to measure results. With kasitoko the problem is solved. Once an influencer accepts a campaign, it is published at the time set by the advertiser, with the pre-approved message, and on the selected social networks. All of this is done automatically.

Additionally, kasitoko provides a system that helps prevent fraud by identifying false followers. It has also developed an algorithm to help ensure effectiveness in each campaign by choosing the right influencers based on the target of the campaign.