Justsystems Announces xfy Collaboration with IBM Workplace

Feb 28, 2006

Justsystems, Inc., a document processing software provider, has announced that it will work with IBM Workplace software to run joint research for XML data processing on rich client system.

IBM Workplace Client Technology is an integrated client platform, which supports collaboration features. Workplace Client Technology is based on the Eclipse framework, and many application developers can utilize the Eclipse open source framework for system integration. xfy is a Justsystems technology that can process any kind of XML data. It is designed to enable visualization and data handling of XML. It gives XML documents calculation and data processing capabilities as well as enabling XML documents with multiple XML vocabularies to be created, edited, and browsed.

xfy Enterprise Solution 1.0, scheduled for release in 2Q/2006, can help businesses build SOA and Web service client systems and supports XML application development. IBM and Justsystems will work together to enhance the potential of XML data processing by combining Workplace Client Technology with xfy technology, targeting xfy porting to the Eclipse framework and support for the ODF format and multi-language support for XML document.

(www.ibm.com; www.justsystem.com)