Jumpshot and Ascential Partner

Jul 23, 2019

Jumpshot, a company that unlocks walled-garden data, announced a strategic partnership with Ascential plc, the global specialist information company, to provide marketers with visibility, analytical insights, and a more comprehensive understanding of the online customer journey that delivers a highly competitive advantage. In connection with the strategic partnership, Ascential receives a 35% equity stake in Jumpshot, valued at $60.76 million.

Connecting to Ascential’s products enables Jumpshot’s solutions to be more precise and scalable as the company expands its customer base, scales its global footprint and accelerates product development. In seeking a strategic partner, Jumpshot sought a global company already serving its ideal customer base with similar research and development programs that could be easily merged to expedite the roll-out of innovative offerings more rapidly.

Ascential owns a number of valuable assets that will augment Jumpshot’s capabilities including the global trend forecaster WGSN and Edge by Ascential, which adds new access to a wealth of eCommerce-driven retail data for Jumpshot. It currently has 39 offices in 15 countries including Europe and Asia/Pacific, Jumpshot’s top-two expansion priorities.

Jumpshot leverages its real-time, anonymized global panel to deliver insights into online consumer behavior to customers such as Revlon, Microsoft, Google, Yelp, Condé Nast and TripAdvisor, among others. Based in the U.S., Jumpshot recently expanded with the launch of its Insights platform in the U.K. in February and it plans to continue European expansion at a much faster pace through the Ascential strategic partnership.

Ascential brings a wealth of data assets to this partnership with Jumpshot, including digital data assets that will help Jumpshot calibrate its panel better, improve categorization and accelerate overall product research and development. This will make Jumpshot’s platform more accurate and scalable as it expands into new markets and verticals.

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