JotSpot Launches Wiki Applications

Mar 07, 2006

JotSpot has introduced its wiki application strategy and launched its first two wiki applications, JotSpot Class Reunion Planner and JotSpot Bug Reporter. These Web-based applications are built on top of the JotSpot wiki platform and are pre-populated with the data and functionality required for their focus.

The first of the two vertical wiki applications available is the JotSpot Class Reunion Planner. The pre-packaged wiki application focuses on collaboration, letting users bring their class together by posting photos, telling stories, and planning their actual reunion together. Users can create and edit their own pages using a browser-based editor. The pre-packaged application also offers maps, a blog, and information gathered from around the Web, like gas prices and movies from their graduation year.

The second vertical wiki application to be offered, JotSpot Bug Reporter, offers software teams secure bug tracking with no setup required. Bug Reporter lets users customize the application to support a team's process, manage bugs and associated tasks, assign bug fixes to different team members, and monitor progress both with charts and lists. JotSpot's suite of vertical wiki applications is available immediately. The Reunion Planner application is available for $39.95 per year and the Bug Reporter application is available for $49.95 per month.