Joomla! 3.5 Released

Mar 24, 2016

The Joomla! Project and the Production Leadership Team announced the release of Joomla! 3.5 as the latest in the 3.x series. Introducing 34 new features, including support for the recently released PHP 7 scripting language, which Joomla says significantly increases website speed. This version of Joomla! supports the most recent release of PHP, the most popular programming language for developing web applications. PHP 7 was recently announced with significant performance improvements and is now available for use by the general public. 

Joomla's new email update notification plug-in periodically checks for available Joomla! updates and bug fixes, then emails administrators to notify them. 3.5's new statistics collection plug-in gathers the system environment in use. The raw data collected is anonymized before transmission and access to the compiled data is publicly available at

Other highlights of the 3.5 release include:

  • Download system & environment information
  • Ability to add a user CSS file to Protostar
  • Added site and admin links to module user
  • Article counts.
  • Random category blog and list order
  • Editor Buttons added to the Toolbar
  • Easily Insert Modules in Articles
  • Drag and Drop Images