Javien Announces DPS V8.0

Aug 18, 2006

Javien Digital Payment Solutions, Inc., has announced DPS V8.0 of its ecommerce technology. The latest version of the software features adaptive micro-payment aggregation in Javien Micropay--technology that allows merchants to establish business rules that change based upon user history. The technology can employ various rules depending upon an individual buyer's behavior or the collective behavior of a category of individuals over time. In addition to micropayment technology, merchants can take advantage of new billing options and extend business outreach on a more global scale.

DPS V8.0 enables merchants to use a variety of billing options--bill to land line phone, SMS, bill to PayPal accounts, and ACH. Expanded international support allows merchants to accept currencies of 40 different countries. The software also offers improved merchandising capability through prototyping and expanded shopping cart features. Merchants can test drive changes they wish to make to the technology through a new, online ecommerce development platform. Its interface does not require the merchant to know HTML or XML and allows testing before implementation. Merchants can use Javien's shopping cart to handle order management and fulfillment for physical goods as well as digital content sales.