Ipedo Announces Multi-Source Enterprise Information Integration Capabilities

Sep 12, 2003

Ipedo, a provider of software that integrates and delivers realtime views of information, has announced a software platform designed to complete concurrent assimilation of information sets from Oracle 9i, DB2, MySQL, SQL Server, and Web Services. The information integration was completed using Ipedo's XML-based views and query technologies.

Testing was done using the Ipedo XML Information Hub 3.3 with Oracle 9iR2, DB2 Universal Database v3.1, MySQL Pro v4.0, SQL Server 2000 Enterprise Edition, and a public Web Service from Google. Information was integrated using XQuery to aggregate real-time business information across multiple sources, leveraging Ipedo's XML Views, Web Services Views, Content Conversion, and Universal XQuery Engine capabilities.

Features include: XML Views--Creates virtual, real-time snapshots of information from external XML and non-XML sources presented in XML format. Web Services Views--Real-time queryable views of Web Services allow applications to integrate and control feeds of information, presented in XML format. Universal XQuery--The distributed XQuery engine searches information across any arbitrary information set using query tools built on open standards. Content Conversion--Allows users to create XML representations unstructured content or document sources, including text files, Microsoft Word, and Adobe Acrobat.  Converted XML content can be staged in the Ipedo XML Information Hub for subsequent integration with other business information, and delivery to multiple target systems.

The Ipedo XML Information Hub is intended to give organizations centralized visibility and control over their information. Businesses can leverage the potential of their databases, applications, and content sources by integrating information into a flexible middle-tier hub, where information can be centrally managed and customized for the needs of each user or application. Comprised of a collection of integrated modules employing Extensible Markup Language (XML), the Ipedo XML Information Hub connects islands of information and presents customized views to applications and users on demand.