Inxight Software and A.I. Tech Software Partner to Provide CRM Solution

Apr 29, 2005


A.I. Tech Software, Inc., a provider of relationship management solutions with an integrated natural language (NLP) interface, and Inxight Software, Inc., a provider of enterprise software solutions for information discovery, have partnered to create a set of solutions designed to improve and enhance existing CRM, service, and support products.

A.I. Tech's proprietary knowledge management system, LIPS (Language Intelligent Processing Software), which is Powered by Inxight, is designed to enable users to make informed decisions by offering an innovative way to harvest information with precise results, finding relationships among data from both structured and unstructured sources.

The LIPS Foundation Technology, which uses Inxight's extraction technologies to detect people, companies, and other important elements, along with relationships between those elements, is initially optimized specifically for the CRM domain with proprietary plug-ins that can connect it to any existing CRM application and/or enterprise applications. The first product, aiHealth, is designed for the health-care vertical.

LIPS Technology supports requests in several forms, including email, Web forms, documents, phone logs, etc. It is customizable and has a rules management interface that enables users to define and create rules to find information, as well as to automate any activity or function defined in an application's API, while defining the rules to be executed. Security and privacy are enhanced by creating rules that manage access down to the field-level.

A.I. Tech Software is targeting the release of its initial product for limited testing in May 2005, and is projecting the product to be commercially available by August 2005.