Inxight Releases Categorizer 5.0

Jun 23, 2006

Inxight Software, a provider of enterprise software solutions for information discovery, has announced the general availability of Inxight Categorizer 5.0, a hybrid categorization engine. Inxight Categorizer provides automated techniques and editorial controls for accuracy. A Workbench allows developers to create and test taxonomies. Inxight Categorizer can also leverage third-party and industry-standard taxonomies. Available as a component within the Inxight SmartDiscovery Extraction Server (SDX) platform, Categorizer works in concert with Inxight's ThingFinder extraction and Summarizer modules to "read" and structure unstructured text in more than 30 languages.

Using the new, intuitive Categorizer workbench, categories can be defined manually (rules only), with learn-by-example only, or using both techniques together. The Workbench provides a set of testing tools for taxonomy editors to define, maintain, and test their taxonomies before deployment on a SmartDiscovery server. It also includes other new features, including an interface to assign training documents, a rule-writing helper, and a testing environment for the creation of truth sets and accuracy reporting. Inxight Categorizer is generally available.