Inxight Gains DoD Contracts; Onvia Selects Inxight for Government Related Information

Feb 25, 2003

Inxight Software, Inc., a provider of software solutions for unstructured data, has recently added more than 10 contracts, worth approximately $3 million dollars, with the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD). Inxight projects that the continued requirements in this sector for enhanced, relevant information retrieval and knowledge sharing will help the company more than double its government business in 2003. Inxight allows users to analyze and classify unstructured information into categories, enabling government workers to quickly find relevant information; automatically extract and present names of people, places, affiliations, weapon systems, events, etc All of this is intended to power critical intelligence applications such as link analysis, event tracking, and order of battle analysis; present related concepts and relationships between persons, places, and affiliations, allowing analysts to quickly narrow their information searches; automate previously manual processes to facilitate information sharing; generate summaries of documents, enabling analysts to quickly determine a document's relevance without having to read it in its entirety; and offer the ability to customize lists to guarantee that those terms are extracted and analyzed from all incoming and outgoing information. Government-intelligence agencies and system integrators in the government sector now working with Inxight include: the U.S. Army, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Raytheon, AT&T Global Services, General Dynamics, Titan Systems Corporation, Saffron Technology, Integrated Data Systems, OMEN, ISX, Government Micro Resources (GMR) and Veridian. Inxight currently supports 23 languages including Farsi, Arabic., Inc., which helps businesses secure government contracts and government agencies find suppliers online, has selected Inxight SmartDiscovery to automate the process of organizing, analyzing, and delivering government-related information to its customers across the United States. Onvia is working with Contegra Systems to implement the solution. Contegra is an Inxight partner that specializes in creating content integration solutions. Onvia has more than 25,000 subscribers across a number of government functions including Homeland Security, Architecture and Engineering and Information Technology. To better meet its customers' needs, Onvia wanted a solution that would help them more effectively manage and deliver the information it captures from approximately 50,000 procurement agencies daily. By leveraging the information classification capabilities provided by Inxight SmartDiscovery, the wealth of data that Onvia collects will be organized into appropriate categories, enabling Onvia editors to match the right industry information with the right customers. In addition, SmartDiscovery's information retrieval tools will enable Onvia to analyze incoming data so that it is accurately routed, connecting the right customer with the right project in a timely manner.

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