Interwoven Announces MediaBin Asset Server 4.0

Mar 09, 2004


Interwoven, Inc., an enterprise content management (ECM) company, has announced the availability of Interwoven MediaBin Asset Server 4.0 software.  The new version of this digital asset management (DAM) product is the cornerstone of Interwoven's new Marketing Content Management Solution, which is intended to provide a foundation for solutions that manage the marketing content supply chain between enterprises and their internal and external sales channels.  

MediaBin 4.0 is based on a scalable, extensible, DAM platform.  The new version connects multiple servers, both inside and outside of the organization, to help manage all marketing content locally, while providing centralized, global access for employees and business partners.  

Key Features in MediaBin Asset Server 4.0 include: Syndication Manager, which enables multiple MediaBin servers to share marketing content (creating replicas, renditions, or references) according to defined business rules; Mac OS X Client, a new Web Services-based application that exploits the advanced user-interface capabilities of Mac OS X Panther; Metadata Enhancements; and MetaTagger Content Intelligence Server Integration, which adds "intelligence" to Microsoft Office documents and PDF assets resulting in more effective and relevant search results.