Interwoven Announces Content Networks Plan

Nov 25, 2003

Interwoven, Inc., provider of an enterprise content management platform, has unveiled its new vision: "Content Networks." Content Networks seeks to anticipate future content challenges and prescribe a path to prepare and meet those challenges in the coming years. Interwoven is working closely with select customers and partners to develop this vision and make it a reality in 2004.

Content Networks is intended to address the critical content needs organizations already face, including: access by mobile knowledge workers; democratization of decision-making around applications; and harnessing a service-oriented architecture. In line with Interwoven's roadmap for the content management market, businesses, such as Hilton International, Motorola, Inc., Siemens, and others are turning to Interwoven to help build content networks. Companies involved in the early stages of defining and designing content networks for their vertical or functional area aim to empower their non-technical employees to create content-rich applications, without requiring dedicated technical staff.

Due to the complex technological nature of its vision, Interwoven has outlined milestones that allow customers, shareholders, and other interested parties to track the trend's progress. These milestones include: Content Management Patent--In February Interwoven was awarded a U.S. Patent for its "System and Method for Website Development," the core technology within its content management product, Interwoven TeamSite Content Server software. SOA Adoption--By adopting a service-oriented architecture with the release of the Interwoven 6 platform in July, Interwoven has exposed 171 of its modules as Web services to make content management available in other enterprise applications such as a Siebel CRM system and portals from IBM, SAP, BEA, and others. MediaBin SOA--In September Interwoven released MediaBin 3.0 Asset Server software, a service-oriented architecture for digital brand management. iManage Merger--With the November 18th stockholders vote, Interwoven and iManage move forward as one company. Complementary architectures are designed to allow information to flow among Web content management, collaboration, document management, digital asset management, and records management applications.

Other milestones for the future include: Broad Use of Collaboration--The full integration of iManage into the Interwoven 6 platform, is expected to spark strengthened collaboration usage in conjunction with document and content management over the next 3-6 months. Pilot Implementations--By the end of Q2 2004, Interwoven plans to announce pilot content networks implementations with critical definition partners and customers. Inter-enterprise Negotiations--The inter-connection of enterprise-to-enterprise data will occur over the next 12-18 months, and Interwoven is positioned to deliver Content Networks prototypes within the next 6-12 months addressing application challenges. Packaged Solutions--Together with definition partners representing a variety of industries, Interwoven plans to make specific vertical packaged solutions available by the end of 2004.