Inmedius Acquires JNR Associates’ IConvert Software

Mar 13, 2007

Inmedius, Inc., a provider of lifecycle management solutions for technical information assets, has announced the acquisition of IConvert software from JNR Associates, a company that provides conversion services and products. The new Inmedius IConvert solution automates and simplifies the normally difficult or manual process of converting complex paper and electronic technical documents into new, repurposed XML standard documents. These XML formats include ATA, DITA, DocBook, MIL-STD-38784, and S1000D, as well as other customer-defined specifications.

IConvert addresses the burgeoning use of XML as the preference for technical publishing. Inmedius' track record of delivering superior standards-based technical documentation publishing solutions. Inmedius IConvert is scalable and works with large complements of documents running from hundreds to even millions of pages. IConvert supports text, tables and complex graphics, and includes hyperlinks between text and graphics. There is traceability and optional access back to the original source image, as well as the ability to link indexes. The IConvert process supports WYSIWYG editing, easy transfer to and from existing storage, Web viewable XML output, and optional integrated linkage back to the original source material. The Inmedius IConvert software solution will be available worldwide through Inmedius' international network of offices and resellers.