Infotrieve Introduces the Electronic Laboratory Notebook

Jun 28, 2005

Infotrieve, Inc., a global provider of content management technology and information services for the life sciences and other R&D-intensive industries, has announced the immediate availability of the Infotrieve/ELN 2.4. The Infotrieve/ELN is an electronic laboratory notebook enterprise software package that allows experimental data to be securely collected, analyzed, stored, and shared among all pharmaceutical professionals, including biologists, chemists, regulatory, quality assurance, and records management professionals.

Some of its data management features include:

  • A cross-disciplinary platform, the Infotrieve/ELN is compatible with most technology providers and can be scaled to meet the needs of both small biotechnology companies and Fortune 100 pharmaceutical companies.
  • Full endorsement of the Collaborative Electronic Notebook Systems Association , the Infotrieve/ELN offers secure data sharing as well as electronic witnessing and digital signature capabilities for intellectual property protection and compliance with the Food and Drug Administration's Code of Federal Regulations.
  • When combined with Infotrieve's Life Science Research Center Web-based search platform, the Infotrieve/ELN allows researchers to augment experimental data entry with information from journals, laboratory product catalogs, and gene and patent databanks.