Infodata Releases AnnoDoc 1.5

Jul 01, 2003


Infodata Systems Inc., a content management solutions company, has released AnnoDoc 1.5, an upgrade to its Content Review product. AnnoDoc 1.5 is designed to alleviate problems associated with reviewing and altering published content within documents created by Adobe Acrobat. With this upgrade, AnnoDoc offers compatibility with Adobe Acrobat 6.0 so teams of people can simultaneously create, assemble, view, and control electronic annotations of complex Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) documents created with Acrobat 6.0. Annotations are managed as separate objects in the content repository from the original PDF document, which means the source (or originating) file stays intact. Graphic images in other formats can also have annotations. In addition, AnnoDoc can be used offline and re-synchronized by users on the go. With AnnoDoc 1.5, the enterprise can control their internal content-review processes. Depending on permissions set by a company, a user can view annotations and respond to comments from other parties. All annotations are retained for reporting and audit purposes. Enterprise-wide control over the content-review process is essential, because businesses already have set rules for how annotations should be handled. The concurrent review process enabled by AnnoDoc drives efficiency and streamlines the review process. Currently, AnnoDoc 1.5 is integrated with Documentum, and the Infodata Foundation Server (IFS) allows for full integration into other major Electronic Content Management (ECM) systems such as Open Text, Stellent, and FileNet. Merging Acrobat with the global repository tools of ECM environments provides structured, enterprise-wide collaboration. AnnoDoc 1.5 for Windows 95, 98, NT, 2000 or XP is available now and is compatible with Adobe Acrobat 4, 5, and 6 and Documentum 4i and 5. The newest version of AnnoDoc also supports both Internet Explorer and Netscape browsers. Registered users of previous AnnoDoc versions with maintenance contracts can upgrade to version 1.5 at no cost.