Infodata Announces New Version of AnnoDoc

Dec 12, 2003

Infodata Systems Inc., a provider of IT solutions for content management, has announced the upcoming release of its next generation of the AnnoDoc content review application. Built on the Infodata Foundation Server (IFS), AnnoDoc is designed to simultaneously deliver annotations across multiple enterprise content management (ECM) applications and multiple databases within the same organization.

Infodata has designed AnnoDoc 2.0 in response to feedback from customers based on past use of AnnoDoc and where it could be further leveraged. This next generation of AnnoDoc was developed to deliver more sophisticated annotation capabilities that enable the enterprise to be more responsive to today's restrictive regulatory environment. The new product release will allow enterprises to: retain the versioning of annotations in conjunction with versioning of documents; take ownership of imported annotations while retaining the name, date, and time stamp of the originating external annotation author(s); provide for automatic annotation retrieval upon opening of document; and index annotations as groups of collections in the content repository. Infodata anticipates that AnnoDoc 2.0 will be generally available in the spring of 2004.  In the mean time, Infodata will be rolling out the beta version of AnnoDoc 2.0 to select customers.