IXIASOFT Releases TEXTML Server 3.0

Feb 20, 2004

IXIASOFT has announced the availability of TEXTML Server 3.0. This version builds on TEXTML Server's native XML storage and information retrieval technology and introduces new features designed to increase reliability, productivity, and security.  Enhancements were developed to answer specific needs of partners and customers with large, enterprise-scale requirements.

Features include: Replication--Using TEXTML Server's new Replication Search Agent (RSA), the search load can now be distributed on multiple servers where a master server acts as a publisher of content to one or many subscribers. This replication scheme is designed to guarantee synchronization between servers for distributed search load and enhanced reliability. Version Control--For storing and tracking of multiple versions of a document, TEXTML Server now provides version controls settings which deliver the flexibility to manage multiple versions of a document, access to previous versions, and the ability to control the number of versions maintained. Document security--Various security settings restricting access to the server can be assigned to documents, collections, and document bases allowing more granular security.

TEXTML Server is a native XML database and search engine whose purpose is to store, index and retrieve XML content. It is an embeddable XML Server for OEMs and developers of XML applications. It has been designed as an OEM product to build document-centric XML applications, such as electronic documentation management systems, Web content management systems enterprise portals, or knowledge base management systems, where the content consists mostly of rich semi-structured information. A free evaluation version of TEXTML Server 3.0 can be downloaded from the IXIASOFT Web site.