ISYS Search Software Announces Support for Interwoven WorkSite

Aug 03, 2007

ISYS Search Software has announced the development of a connector that ia deaignws for advanced search support for Interwoven WorkSite Server. Through this capability, users can incorporate Interwoven content in their document collections, all of which can be searched simultaneously via a common web-based interface, such as a corporate intranet. Administrators can install ISYS and configure it to index information from a variety of sources, including Interwoven WorkSite, while security policies can be enforced. ISYS’ Interwoven support offers enhanced metadata capabilities that extend beyond WorkSite’s 30 document property fields to include supplemental metadata. ISYS complements Interwoven-specific functionality--enabling the creation of indexes based on Search Folders--while also ensuring that critical elements of the WorkSite system are adhered to, such as they system’s use of audit trails. ISYS’ core features include On-The-Fly Categorization of results, ISYS Entities detection, ISYS SearchTrends reporting, multiple query methods, and broad file format and language support.