ISIS Papyrus to Introduce Web Portal for Dynamic Business Documents

Feb 24, 2004

ISIS Papyrus has announced the introduction of WebPortal, a Web portal for dynamic business documents. ISIS Papyrus WebPortal is designed to enable a business to offer a single entry point and unified document interface for accessing and creating every kind of business document needed by customers, employees, and agents. With the Papyrus WebPortal, users can access and create both inbound and outbound corporate and customer documents such as reports, offers, statements, faxes, emails, Web, and SOAP messages using a thin client standard Web browser environment. Although the Web application is just now being introduced to the USA, it has been on the market in Europe for more than a year and is being used by major banks and insurance companies.


Lengthy business documents that normally would have to be express mailed overnight, now can be customized, personalized and downloaded from a company's Web site using the Papyrus WebPortal. The Papyrus WebPortal is designed to address every aspect of the document life cycle including graphic design, security and access control, and archiving. The software resides on a company's PC or Unix server or mainframe and custom processes are defined within a few weeks. Documents are generated on the fly and sent to the user in PDF format for viewing and printing. All Web-generated documents can be automatically archived, viewed, searched, and printed locally or centrally from virtually any platform and printer. Pages retain their original look and feel, complete with text, graphics, photos, and color. Documents remain available for as long as they serve a useful purpose or are legally required.