IMN, Inc. Launches Trackable RSS Feed Capability

Mar 02, 2004

IMN, Inc., has introduced a tracking and reporting feature that is designed to allow its customers to embed RSS feeds into their IMN-based epublications, typically an enewsletter or weblog, and then gain customer information through IMN's content behavioral analytics. Once subscribers choose an IMN customer's RSS feed to be included in their aggregation service, headlines and abstracts of online content published by that customer will be downloaded into the subscribers' aggregation directory page. Subscribers can then click on a link embedded in the abstract that will take them directly to the enewsletter or weblog. Marketers can then use IMN's content tracking and reporting capabilities to learn subscribers' preferences, segment them accordingly and then respond with more relevant and meaningful content.

IMN customers interested in IMN's RSS feed capabilities will be able to choose from three different service levels: the first enables customers to embed the RSS feed so it can be picked up by the RSS feed aggregators; the second trackable level allows the marketer to track and learn from groups of subscribers interacting with content; the third is trackable and customizable for enhanced personalization. Both trackable levels give each subscriber a unique identifier so that IMN's reporting engines can track and analyze individual behavior. Marketers can then respond to individual subscribers via the feed, email, or the companion microsite using IMN's dynamic content capabilities with personalized information and messaging based on the learning.