IBM and AGS Announce New Solutions for Informix Dynamic Server

Jul 06, 2007

IBM and AGS Ltd. have announced that the new Server Studio and Sentinel R. 6.1 is now available with editions offered by both IBM and AGS. The IDS data server is a strategic element of IBM's Information Management software portfolio and the recently announced IDS 11--code named Cheetah--is designed to increased performance, reliability and scalability, along with the ability to handle massive volumes of complex data at very high speeds. IDS 11 has been designed to cluster data centers with continuous data availability and disaster recovery regardless of the geographic location or distance between backup data center sites. Server Studio and Sentinel together form an infrastructure of multi-platform tools that help both database professionals manage IBM Informix data server environments. Native support of IDS 11 new functionality in the Release 6.1 of Server Studio and Sentinel is designed to enhance the ability to deliver optimal performance, availability and maintainability of Informix databases throughout their operational cycle. The new tool set offered by AGS is designed to assist companies and organizations ensure that critical database applications perform efficiently.

Server Studio provides a collection tools for DBAs and developers that are intended to improve efficiency of performing common database tasks such as: SQL development and debugging, schema management, configuration auditing and change management, performance tuning, data storage management and reorganization, and security administration. The features are from an integrated graphical console that unites development, administration, and maintenance activities for an Informix infrastructure at a central point of control. Sentinel has been designed with 24x7 operational monitoring, alerting, issue discovery, analysis, and autonomic response automation infrastructure for IBM Informix data servers’ environment. The DBAs are designed with diagnostics and remediation facilities that help pinpoint and resolve the underlying causes of performance bottlenecks and resources contention issues that adversely affect databases’ availability and impact end users.

The relationship between AGS and IBM began in 2000 when IBM began distributing AGS’ Server Studio as the primary database development and administration tools suite with Informix data servers. Product management, engineering and QA teams of both companies work closely on product direction, technology development and QA testing of Server Studio and Sentinel.

Pricing and Availability: The Release 6.1 of Server Studio and Sentinel are available through IBM and AGS worldwide, the Core Edition of Server Studio is provided by IBM to Informix customers at no additional cost. Its basic functionality can be extended by purchase of various premium editions available directly from AGS.