IBM Introduced New Versions of Software

Aug 19, 2008

IBM introduced new versions of two software products, the master data management program and IBM InfoSphere Information Server. The new products help customers create and manage information from across their enterprises to improve business performance. IBM is offering enhanced globalization, extended mainframe support, and improved automation features. The new version of IBM InfoSphere Master Data Management Server includes enhancements such as an improved user interface. IBM is adding its multicultural name resolution technology, now called InfoSphere Global Name Recognition, as a module of the InfoSphere Information Server platform. The new version of InfoSphere Information Server includes security features supporting web services standards, support for Web 2.0 services using REST and RSS standards, as well as support for direct service publishing from Oracle databases, InfoSphere Master Data Management Server, and mainframe data sources. 

IBM also announced that Shared Health, a public/private Health Information Exchange, is using IBM InfoSphere software and services to power its Clinical Xchange data exchange platform. The IBM software enables a web-based system that supports patients by merging key clinical data with administrative data from numerous sources and formats.