IBM Extends Reach of Content Management Software

Mar 11, 2005

IBM has unveiled a new software portfolio that is designed to extend the reach of content management using Web services to enable all types of data to be captured, managed and searched as part of normal business processes. The company also added to its portfolio of industry-specific content management solutions. New offerings for the banking and life sciences industries are expected to help enable clients to leverage their data and meet changing regulatory compliance demands. IBM's enhanced content management portfolio includes DB2 Content Manager 8.3, DB2 Document Manager 8.3, and DB2 CommonStore 8.3.

IBM DB2 Content Manager 8.3--with enhancements to its content management platform, workflow capabilities help clients automate processes by providing graphical tools to end users. Document routing integrates with workflow capabilities to help streamline business processes. Automation of the capture and management of XML documents is also enabled in a common content repository. To help streamline compliance efforts, IBM automates records control of content through integration with DB2 Records Manager. This integration is intended to help ensure automatic, consistent, and accurate records declaration and classification across all forms of business content. Other enhancements include expanded integration with Web Services including support for Microsoft .NET environments and new rich media streaming technology.

IBM DB2 Document Manager 8.3--new records management integration is intended to provide simplified, automated document lifecycle management. Additional enhancements include expanded language support, improved usability and productivity features including keyboard accessibility and search enhancements, as well as new security measures through single sign-on capabilities between Content Manager and Document Manager. Together with IBM DB2 Records Manager 4.1.1, the software supports government and corporate industry standards. Document Manager 8.3 is also integrated with standard office and CAD applications, enabling end users to simply save documents as corporate records.

IBM DB2 CommonStore 8.3--a solution for archive and retention management of emails, attachments, and messaging system content. Records management integration allows end users to save email messages and attachments as records, either manually or automatically. IBM DB2 CommonStore 8.3 also manages, retains, and disposes of messaging system content to help comply with regulatory, legal, and corporate policy requirements. Improved full text indexing, full text searching, and retrieval capabilities provide access to content, message body, and attachments from either native client interfaces or archive repository interfaces. Single instance archiving ensures that only one copy of a document is kept in the archive, regardless of how many times the same document was archived by different users. Extended storage platform support helps leverage the most appropriate storage device depending on the lifecycle value of the content.

IBM Corporate Information Asset Manager was developed to help life sciences and pharmaceutical firms identify data that needs to be archived, retrieved, or deleted throughout the lifecycle of a medical device or pharmaceutical. The solution leverages IBM DB2 Records Manager and helps automate and manage stringent compliance requirements in the life sciences and pharmaceutical industries.

IBM Account Opening Solution for the Banking Industry is designed to help banks speed up and improve service in the process of opening up new checking, savings, and loan accounts. By eliminating paperwork and redundancies, the solution helps improve collaboration among bank personnel by creating a single repository for all customer information. It is also designed to automate account decision-making processes and reduce application processing costs.

Planned availability for DB2 Content Manager 8.3, DB2 Document Manager 8.3 and DB2 CommonStore 8.3 is March 25, 2005. IBM DB2 Content Management is available through IBM and through IBM Business Partners.