IBM Boosts Content Classification Software

Dec 11, 2007

IBM announced new capabilities in its content classification software used to automatically categorize large volumes of enterprise information, making it easier to find, access, and use in the context of enterprise content management systems. The IBM Classification Module provides seamless connection to the IBM FileNet P8 content management platform to tackle the categorization of vast amounts of unstructured content in the enterprise, especially content stored or arriving in FileNet repositories. It automates the process of determining whether content is important, and how it should be handled. It can also automatically classify vast amounts of previously unmanaged content or reclassify content already under management so it can be leveraged for business purposes such as records management.

IBM also announced that Cloudmark, a provider of carrier-grade messaging security, has selected IBM content classification software to support its customer base with improved online customer support. The IBM software is intended to help Cloudmark reduce the workload and cost of handling online customer queries.