Hummingbird Releases Enterprise for ESRI

May 06, 2003

Hummingbird Ltd., a developer of enterprise information management solutions (EIMS), has announced that it will now link documents to map features in an effort to extend the value of geographic information system (GIS) implementations. Hummingbird Enterprise for ESRI, a new Hummingbird solution, offers a Web-based mapping interface for document and records management and queries by linking ESRI's ArcIMS software and Hummingbird DM, a component of Hummingbird Enterprise. The Hummingbird Enterprise for ESRI solution is applicable across a range of industries including government, utilities, education, oil and gas, military, and telecommunications.  All information about any selected facility will be available online for access from any location. With Hummingbird Enterprise for ESRI, spatial features can be linked not only to data, but also to a range of documents, such as photographs, engineering drawings, field notes, word processing documents, spreadsheets, databases, and digitized audio and video. For example, road construction contracts are linked to road segments; scanned deeds are linked to parcels of land; CAD drawings are linked to facilities; and maintenance records to an oil well. Hummingbird Enterprise for ESRI was developed in conjunction with Farragut Systems, Inc., a Hummingbird and ESRI business partner.

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