Hot Banana Integrates Web CMS with Email Marketing Applications

Apr 27, 2007

Hot Banana Software Inc., a provider of web content management for marketing, has announced its new integration between Hot Banana Version 5.5 and email marketing software application providers, such as EmailLabs. The email marketing integration is designed to enable marketers to design and create best practices HTML email content directly in the Hot Banana Web CMS. Marketers can export ready-to-go HTML email files from Hot Banana into their email marketing software of choice, where the campaigns can be launched and managed. Additionally, by using Hot Banana Version 5.5’s cross-mapping technology, marketers creating web forms for use on landing pages--or elsewhere on the website--are able to facilitate the exchange of data with their email marketing software without any additional API programming. The data obtained from registrations, subscriptions, promotions, newsletters, and surveys can flow to database applications such as EmailLabs--or any other email marketing vendor--where it can be accessed for future email campaigns.