History of the Internet Portal Launches

Sep 21, 2004


A new portal dedicated to the history of the Internet has been launched at www.nethistory.info. The site, created by Internet expert and historian Ian Peter was developed to build an overview portal for Internet history materials which is accessible to interested people, according to their home page. The site provides links to other sites specializing in aspects of Internet history, such as the Computer History Museum, to novelty sites such as 1970s hackers comics and old computer sites, and to archival collections. The goal is to make the site interesting and useful for both those in search of basic information as well as those interested in more detailed knowledge. The site encourages people to submit their own experiences with the early Internet via tape or email. It cautions that not all material will make the site, but that a monthly newsletter will include a summary of new sources and new information as it becomes available and the members-only Archives will also provide more detailed information.