HighWire Announces Shop for Journals

Dec 02, 2003

Stanford University's HighWire Press announced the launch of a new feature for institutions: Shop for Journals. Twenty-five society publishers, with content hosted on HighWire, have come together to allow users to select from 57 journal titles and create custom packages. More titles are expected to join in the New Year. In addition, these publishers have developed a standard set of Guidelines for Institutional Access (defining authorized use and users, and have agreed to use a common tiered pricing model, based on type of institution.

The Shop for Journals Open Package is a way for institutions to pick and chose what titles they want, obtain the pricing for their institution, and make purchases. Along with the customized price chart, there are options for a librarian to send a custom package of titles and prices to their regular subscription agent, to contact the publishers directly to purchase, or to send a subscription request through the HighWire system to serials agent, Otto Harrassowitz KG. To compliment the Shop for Journals feature, HighWire also offers links to manage subscriptions, including viewing usage reports across all journals administered, and the ability to maintain IP addresses in one place for multiple journals.

(http://intl.highwire.org), (http://highwire.stanford.edu/shopforjournals), (http://www.highwire.org)