HighBeam Research Announces Suite of Tools for Bloggers

Apr 15, 2005

HighBeam Research has announced a suite of blogging tools designed to offer bloggers a more trustworthy voice and blog readers access to its content collection. HighBeam Research Blog Enhancer is intended to help bloggers to improve their blogs by facilitating the process of incorporating content from the HighBeam Research Engine's collection of articles (many of which are not typically found on the Web), including those from newspaper, magazine, book, journal, and transcript publishers.

To share information they found researching at HighBeam, bloggers click the "Blog this Article" link found within previews and articles on HighBeam Research and, at their option, create a custom welcome message, add an excerpt from and include notes about any article. HighBeam Research then provides the HTML code ready for pasting into a blog for a citation for the article--including title, publication, excerpt from, and a link to the blogger's personalized page on HighBeam Research that includes the article preview or full-text article.

In addition to sharing citations and notes, bloggers who are HighBeam Research Full Members (who pay a monthly or annual subscription fee) can share full-text articles with their readers, even with readers who are not members of HighBeam Research. Readers clicking through from a blogged reference can access full text at HighBeam for seven days from the time of posting, after which blog readers will still see the citation and article abstract, which do not expire. Bloggers who are HighBeam Basic Members (free membership) have the ability to share article previews.

The suite of blogging tools also includes HighBeam RSS, which enables users to track dynamically created topics. RSS feeds can be created based on keywords and/or by publication and users will receive an update in their RSS reader as soon as new articles related to their research are added to the HighBeam Research Engine.