HiSoftware Releases Enterprise Management Solution

Jul 24, 2007

HiSoftware has announced the release of Compliance Sheriff version 2.0, an enterprise policy management solution designed to provide testing and reporting for standards-based policies including accessibility, privacy, and site quality. Compliance Sheriff was developed to provide organizations with a solution that enables automated content compliance and help lessen risk management exposure by ensuring that web sites meet ever-changing compliance standards. The new Site Quality option available in v2.0 is designed to allow organizations to monitor their sites for quality issues, including broken links, spelling, changed pages, and site up/down monitoring. Compliance Sheriff Designed with a comprehensive Dashboard Reporting, multiple reporting levels for reviewing web site status allows management to review statuses while developers view pass or fail details for remediation.

Key Features in HiSoftware Compliance Sheriff v2.0: Link Validation id designed to validate links found on the page, results from this validation can be produced using the Links Analysis report; Monitor Watch list is designed for definition of critical sites or pages and verification against any checkpoints, including if a site is up or down, if pages (or resources used by the page) have changed, and if the time needed to load a page on a browser does not meet the organization’s standards; Spell Check is designed to verify the spelling on pages visited against multiple dictionaries, main dictionaries are supported for various languages, custom dictionaries allow user- or organization-specific words to be defined, and other common dictionaries such as Medical and Legal are also available. Support for other file formats: Microsoft Office® documents -- *.DOC, *.XLS, *.PPT (Requires Microsoft Office 2003 or higher) Adobe® documents -- *.PDF, *.SW, these files are processed in the same way as the pages they are linked from and processed against the same checkpoints defined with the scan. New report views including: Link Analysis designed to display the results from Link Validation, including pages that link in and out of the visited page. History, designed for monitored pages, this report tracks the historical results of pages visited. HiSoftware Compliance Sheriff is available immediately through HiSoftware and its authorized resellers as a perpetual, subscription and hosted server solution. Solutions start at $4,995 for SMB offerings to $25,000 per enterprise modules.