Haystack.com Launches Extended Music Discovery Community

May 15, 2007

Haystack.com has launched a new, free, online community built specifically with fair compensation to the artist at its foundation. Haystack.com is an intersection of music, community, and the internet by providing a legal forum to connect music lovers, influencers, artists, labels, and venues via personalized profiles featuring streaming, shareable playlists, and enhanced social content, all while compensating artists for their content with a royalty program, RightsNow.

RightsNow pays copyright holders based on advertising revenue. The more members enjoy an artist, the greater the potential revenue to the artist. RightsNow is designed to comply with copyright laws while offering an incentive to the music community to share and promote their craft on the internet. This means members can enjoy full songs, not short previews. The site also encourages the discovery and sharing of streaming music via playlists recommended by Tastemakers, Listeners, and the Artists themselves. Users can post pictures and videos from live shows they attend and even import music-related content from outside networks such as MySpace and YouTube. There's no limit to the amount of content uploaded. Haystack.com’s technology allows content to be streamed through an on-site player.