H.W. Wilson Adds New Database

Aug 15, 2006

H.W. Wilson has announced that a new database, Current Issues: Reference Shelf Plus, will be available on WilsonWeb in September 2006. Current Issues: Reference Shelf Plus presents full-text articles from publications on social, scientific, health, political, and global issues. The database features current articles with periodic updates, plus the option for users to launch preset searches on WilsonWeb or on the internet. The database is organized by topic, and the visual display guides users to their subjects of interest.

Users are presented with 30+ articles per topic from magazines and journals. Feature articles, editorials, scholarly papers, and more are included, to convey all relevant facts and perspectives. Authoritative websites are highlighted, including links to primary sources (e.g. the text of the Kyoto Accord in coverage of Global Climate Change). Coverage stays current for each topic, with WilsonWeb links to articles from periodicals on other WilsonWeb databases. In addition, page images deliver information in the charts, graphs, illustrations, and other graphics that accompany the full-text articles. The database also links to relevant biographies from the Wilson biographical reference Current Biography. Free 30-day trials will be available to reviewers and librarians in September 2006.