HP Announces Medical Desktop Office Center

Sep 23, 2003

HP, Microsoft, and select software vendors have partnered to develop technology solutions that are designed to give physicians, clinicians, and other healthcare professionals quick and easy access to the applications they need and use most. The HP medical desktop office center features a drop in the box software bundle from solutions partners Gold Standard Multimedia (GSM), Standard Register, Stedman's, and Ovid Technologies on HP PCs preinstalled with the 2003 release of Microsoft Office. Users who purchase the HP healthcare PC will be licensed and supported for each application for 12 months.

Stedman's, published by Lippincott Williams & Wilkins (LWW), is a healthcare source for medical word references and software, including offerings such as a medical spellchecker and electronic dictionary. LWW is a publisher of health information resources for physicians, nurses, specialized clinicians, and students. Nearly 275 periodicals and 1,500 books in more than 100 disciplines are published under the LWW brand, as well as content-based sites and on-line corporate and customer services.

GSM is an electronic drug information publisher. GSM's Clinical Pharmacology solution is intended to provide Office users with access to up-to-date, peer-reviewed, clinically relevant data on U.S. prescription drugs, including off-label uses and dosage, as well as herbal, nutritional, and over-the-counter products, and new and investigational drugs.

Standard Register offers document technology solutions and document consulting services designed to help the flow of information. Standard Register is developing intelligent electronic forms applications using Word 2003, InfoPath 2003, and other Microsoft applications to help clinicians automate their paper-based methods.

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