Guardium Introduces SQL Guard Security Suite

Aug 03, 2004

Guardium, Inc., a provider of database access security solutions, has extended its SQL Guard database security platform with the introduction of the SQL Guard Security Suite. The SQL Guard Security Suite, comprised of SQL HealthGuard, SQL PolicyGuard, and SQL AuditGuard application modules is a single integrated solution set that is designed to deliver critical database security functions. The SQL Guard Security Suite, which requires the SQL Guard platform, is available in August with a list price of $2,995 for each module; the SQL Guard database security platform starts at $12,995.

The SQL HealthGuard module has two capabilities: Security Health Assessment and Client Server Access Map. Security Health Assessment monitors, measures, and reports on overall database security health through a graphical security health report card. The security health report card provides a dashboard view that allows information security personnel to track and improve database security and it can serve as a portal for status reports to management. Database security health is measured against a set of pre- built security attributes and displayed in actionable real-time and historical graphs. Custom attributes can be created and added to measure, assess, and improve an enterprise's database security environment. Client Server Access Map tracks client server interactions and draws a connectivity map of these interactions. This level of visibility allows users to view all activities between applications and databases. Each graphical component of the map Database Server, Application Server, and Network connection can be clicked on for high-level and drill-down analysis.

The SQL PolicyGuard module has two key capabilities: Auto-Baselining and Real-Time, Policy-Based Access Control. SQL Guard's auto-baselining capability correlates millions of bits of database access information to form database access baselines (i.e. database access rules). Security personnel can enable real-time policy-based alerts derived from a particular baseline, their own access rules, and SQL Guard-suggested best practice rules (created based on database metadata) in an effort to ensure reliable, real-time detection of any intrusive event.

The SQL AuditGuard module monitors all database access activities. In addition, it automates the process of database auditing and regulatory compliance reporting by eliminating the need to analyze vast amounts of unconsolidated and imprecise logs. Because the SQL Guard platform is non-intrusive, using SQL AuditGuard does not impact database performance. Data categorization and groupings capabilities allow for customization of privacy and compliance tracking for Sarbanes-Oxley, GLBA, HIPAA, SB 1386, or any other data specific legislation or IT governance needs. Integrated automation tools provide flexible and automated scheduling of monitoring and reporting of a breadth of database access scenarios. Workflow and to-do-list capabilities automate the distribution of information to relevant personnel within the organization and enable accountability to database security and compliance initiatives.