Groove Networks Introduces Rapid Solutions Exchange

Dec 21, 2004


Groove Networks has introduced Groove Rapid Solutions Exchange, a collection of 25 downloadable workspace templates for Groove Virtual Office software, which are designed to provide ready-to-use solutions for a range of collaborative processes such as marketing programs, competitive intelligence, incident tracking, HR job requisitions, and office management. Licensed and trial users of Groove Virtual Office can browse the Rapid Solutions Exchange at and download one or more solutions. The Exchange will continue to grow as solutions are developed by Groove Networks, its customers, and partners.

Each Groove Rapid Solutions template is comprised of a set of Groove tools for managing a specific business process or function, the core of which is a pre-built forms application. Significantly enhanced in Groove Virtual Office v3.0, Groove Forms is a rapid application development and deployment environment for creating lightweight, distributed applications specific to a particular line-of-business requirement. For instance, the Sales Team solution includes a forms application that allows a distributed, mobile sales team to capture, track, and monitor its leads as they progress through the sales cycle. The solution also includes a Files tool, Meetings tool, and Discussion tool to allow reps to develop proposals, hold weekly account meetings, and foster ongoing discussions in the same workspace. Furthermore, Groove software's presence awareness, alerts, and contextual chat features enable managers to monitor progress and communicate with team members, wherever they are working. Once a Rapid Solutions template has been downloaded, its tools, including the forms application, can be further customized to meet the requirements of a team or business. Large enterprises can also leverage the Groove Enterprise Data Bridge to connect forms applications to existing systems and data sources.

The collection of Rapid Solutions available today includes: Annual Marketing Programs, Asset Request, Competitive Intelligence, Corporate Security, Customer Reference, Deployment Planning, DSP Watch List, Executive Staff, Force Protection, HR Job Interviews, HR Tracker, Incident Command System, Lead Manager, Litigation, Office Manager, Reference Library, Relationship Manager, Route Assessment, Sales Kit, Sales Team, Status Reports, Structured Brainstorming, Support Incident Management, Time Cards, and Trade Show Manager. Groove Rapid Solutions are free of charge and require Groove Virtual Office v3.0 Professional Edition ($179) or Project Edition ($229). Groove Virtual Office Trial users can also try solutions during their 60-day evaluation period.