Google and Pottermore to Digitally Distribute Harry Potter Series

Jul 21, 2011

Google announced a partnership with JK Rowling's upcoming Pottermore website to help distribute the author's ebooks to users in the U.S. on the Google eBooks platform. When the site launched this fall, the bestselling novel series will be available for purchase and import into the Google Books cloud library, as well as to a variety of other ereading platforms.

Google eBooks can be read on most devices with a modern browser, through the Google Books apps for iOS and Android smartphones and tablets, and on more than 80 ereaders. Pottermore will be the exclusive seller of Harry Potter ebooks and digital audiobooks.
Google Checkout will also be the preferred third party payment platform for all purchases made on The Pottermore team also plans to use YouTube for global video broadcasts in the future, as they did for JK Rowling's announcement of Pottermore in June.