Google Will Apply to Participate in FCC Spectrum Auction

Dec 04, 2007

Google announced that it will apply to participate in the Federal Communications Commission's upcoming auction of wireless spectrum in the 700 megahertz (MHz) band. As part of the nationally mandated transition to digital television, the 700 MHz spectrum auction--which begins January 24, 2008--intends to free up spectrum airwaves for more efficient wireless internet service for consumers. Advocacy by public interest groups and Google earlier this year helped ensure that regardless of which bidders win a key portion of the spectrum up for auction (the so-called "C Block"), they will be required to allow their users to download any software application they want on their mobile device, and to use any mobile devices they would like on that wireless network. The winner must ensure these rights for consumers if the reserve price of $4.6 billion for the C Block is met at auction.