Google TV 2.0 Devices Expected In Coming Months

Jan 09, 2012

At this week's Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, Google plans to unveil new Google TV devices and television sets. Google is expected to ship the majority of its TV sets by mid-2012, according to chairman Eric Schmidt; however, no official release dates have been announced.

On the U.K. blog for LG Corp., the company plans for a U.S. launch this year, with a release scheduled for the U.K. in 2013. The sets will blend Google TV with LG technology like Cinema 3D, Smart TV, and a qwerty-keyboard remote, among others. Other current Google partners are Sony; Vizio, Inc.; Samsung Group; Marvell Technology Group Ltd.; and MediaTek, Inc. Google TV will use chips from Marvell and MediaTek for some new devices, while LG will use its own L9 chipset. Google had previously partnered with Intel Corp. and Logitech International SA.

According to the Google TV blog, the company's goal is to "bring more Google TV powered products to more people, across more devices in more countries in 2012." Since launching an update in October that brought viewers "a more TV-like YouTube experience," among other features, Google reports that activation rates have more than doubled.