Google Analytics Package Not Yet Enterprise-Ready, According to Report

May 18, 2007

CMS Watch, an analyst firm that evaluates content management and web analytics technologies, has reviewed Google's free analytics offering and finds it underpowered for many enterprise analytics scenarios. These findings were published in the CMS Watch "Web Analytics Report," which provides comparative evaluations of 13 major Web Analytics vendors.

Specifically, CMS Watch found: Google Analytics has no API to support the export or import of data into or out of 3rd-party emarketing packages and enterprise data warehouses; Google Analytics does not allow customers to query against raw data; support comes only from consulting partners, who have no ability to modify the Google system itself; many enterprises have found value in employing Google Analytics as a back-up or supplement to other analytics packages, especially when looking for AdWords performance metrics; Google's most recent Analytics upgrade brought significant usability improvements that will challenge competing vendors to focus on their interfaces, rather than additional features.

The CMS Watch Web Analytics Report evaluates 13 major Web Analytics suppliers based on vendor research, interviews with customers across a range of industry sectors, and "hands-on" testing of solutions. Reviewed solutions include: 24/7; AuriQ; ClickTracks; Coremetrics; Fireclick; Google Analytics; Nedstat; Omniture; SageMetrics; Unica; Visual Sciences; WebSideStory; and WebTrends. The Report can be purchased at the CMS Watch website.