Gmail and Google Talk Users Access Online Collaboration through Yuuguu

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Oct 10, 2008


Yuuguu announced the integration of the Google Talk Instant Messaging (IM) network into its real-time collaboration and web conferencing service. Yuuguu users can now share screens, hold web conferences, and work collaboratively with anyone on the Google Talk IM network all via the Yuuguu application. The Google Talk IM network is accessible via the downloadable Google Talk client, and the purely browser based GMail, iGoogle, and Google Apps services. Yuuguu has an integrated buddy list and chat system. Yuuguu users can link to their existing Google account and any contacts they have on the Google Talk IM network will automatically appear in their Yuuguu buddy list. Yuuguu users can chat with friends or colleagues on the Google Talk IM network. In addition, Yuuguu supports group sessions of Google Talk IM contacts. The new feature also supports users who access the Google Talk IM network through Google Apps.


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