Global Moxie Announces Big Medium CMS

Jan 17, 2003


Global Moxie has announced the immediate release of Big Medium, a content management system for managing dynamic, fast-changing Web sites. Big Medium was designed to help manage content-rich, frequently updated sites, such as news sites, marketing sites, corporate intranets, or education sites that require daily, weekly, or monthly updates. Big Medium was written in Perl, a programming language that is installed by default on most Web servers. Big Medium ships with default settings and templates so that it works right away, allowing organizations to start using it to manage Web sites quickly. Key Features of Big Medium include: Browser-based content editing; one-click site updates; Perl scripts require no highly specialized knowledge or technology to install or configure; Custom templates and browser-based editing of style sheets enable full control over HTML and site design; 100% compliance with W3C standards; Page caching makes Big Medium gentle on your server; Multiple accounts and permission settings allow an unlimited number of contributors to add, edit, and publish content with five levels of role-based permissions; Design is separate from content, allowing designers to edit templates while writers and editors independently update content; "Content affiliate program" allows site visitors to publish headlines and links from a Big Medium-managed site on their own personal Web sites; "E-mail to a friend" and "printer-friendly page" features let Web site visitors share content with others; and Images, pull quotes, and other design elements can be added to content pages through the Web-based edit form. Big Medium 1.0 is available from the Global Moxie Web site. Big Medium is licensed for $299, with free updates for one year. The product runs on servers operating the UNIX operating system, including Linux, Mac OSX, Solaris and FreeBSD.

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