Global Crossing Adds Features to Ready-Access Web Meeting

Jun 01, 2004

Global Crossing has announced that Ready-Access Web Meeting, the company's on-demand audio-and-Web conferencing service, is now synchronized with Microsoft's Outlook calendar. For real-time collaboration, Ready-Access Web Meeting now includes the ability to share desktop applications and to chat and conduct question-and-answer sessions online, which are features designed to facilitate the exchange of information and ideas, as well as faster decision-making.

Ready-Access Scheduler--Global Crossing's new software tool--is intended to save time before a meeting starts by integrating Ready-Access Web Meeting with the scheduling capabilities of Microsoft Outlook. Ready-Access Scheduler allows a chairperson to schedule meetings, send email invitations including call details and links to the Web Meeting, and automatically log into a Ready-Access Web Meeting from the Microsoft Outlook toolbar. Participants open the appointment in their Outlook calendar to obtain the call information and click on the included hyperlinks to join the Web Meeting. Customers can download the Ready-Access Scheduler plug-in at