GigaSpaces Releases XAP 8.0

Feb 01, 2011

GigaSpaces Technologies, provider of virtualized application platforms, announced the launch of eXtreme Application Platform (XAP) 8.0, featuring openness and continuous scaling. XAP 8.0 leverages features of existing technologies, keeping access to future technologies in mind while ensuring applications can be updated and can scale with no interruption.

XAP 8.0's "same data, any API" capability promotes openness and interoperability, supporting all common interfaces for accessing data, such as Memcached, JPA, and JMS. Users can choose the necessary API and operate on the same data regardless of the APIs chosen, aiding in decreasing the learning curve associated with adopting the XAP technology; organizations can use existing knowledgebases to incorporate future technologies.

XAP 8.0 also supports continuous scaling. Mission-critical enterprise applications, such as in the financial services sector, and web-focused applications, such as ecommerce, online gaming, and social media, require continuous changes to the application without bringing the system down. Continuous scaling allows for rolling upgrades, continuous deployment, quick introduction of complex features, and real-time changes to the applications data model, business logic, or even underlying platform with zero downtime.