Friendster Deploys Userplane Webmessenger

Apr 26, 2005

Userplane, a provider of live community software, has announced the deployment of its instant messaging solution, Userplane Webmessenger, on the social networking site Friendster. Userplane's Webmessenger is intended to enable Friendster members to communicate with each other in online conversations through Web-based one-on-one text conversations.

Webmessenger's text messaging includes features like the ability to change text style, add graphical smilies, link to URLs, and get alerts and feedback about the system and the other user's activity. Leveraging Macromedia's Flash Communication Server technology, Webmessenger enables community, dating, corporate, and collaborative Web sites to deploy text and A/V communication for their users.

Like Userplane's other tools in its Community Suite--Webchat, Webrecorder, and Sitesearch--Userplane Webmessenger provides full Web site administrative control and customization for each deployment to match the business model and branding of the site. Userplane Apps are integrated with existing user databases, login systems, and buddy lists through XML and Web scripting languages including: PHP, .NET, ASP, ColdFusion, XML, and JSP. Userplane Webmessenger application features foreign language support including non-roman characters for Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Russian, Arabic, and Hebrew.