Four knovel Chemical References Free to Academe

Jan 24, 2003

knovel has announced free access to four new chemistry reference databases for academic libraries. Two of the four titles are "Interactive Deep Searchable" (IDS), which means you can perform numeric searches by field and manipulate data in spreadsheet-like tables. IDS titles are indicated with an asterisk (*).

*International Critical Tables of Numeric Data, Physics, Chemistry and Technology, 7 volumes and index (first electronic edition). Originally published for the National Research Council, ICT offers data on physical, thermodynamic, mechanical, and other key properties and is a reference source used by those involved in chemistry, physics, and engineering. The first version of International Critical Tables will contain seven interactive tables. The full text of the original print version is available in PDF format (full-text searchable) and includes the original index. All entries in the index are hyperlinked to their page numbers.

*knovel Critical Tables. kCT is a new reference featuring tables of properties for commonly used chemical compounds in the physical properties tables. kCT has expanded the original 6,000 chemical compounds in the physical properties tables of International Critical Tables to more than 13,000 compounds. Using multiple sources, kCT contains the most up-to-date chemical properties information available online. Tables in kCT include Basic Physical Properties of Inorganic Compounds, Basic Physical Properties of Organic Compounds, Critical Properties and Acentric Factor, Enthalpy of Formation, Enthalpy of Vaporization, Entropy of Formation, Entropy of Gas, Gibbs Energy of Formation, Heat Capacity of Gas, Helmholtz Energy of Formation, Internal Energy of Formation, Basic Physical Properties of Common Solvents, and Safety Properties of Common Solvents. New tables will be added to kCT on a regular basis.

Thermochemistry of the Chemical Substances. Compiled by thermodynamicist, Frederick D. Rossini, and International Critical Tables editor F. Russell Bichowsky, it is a revision of the table of values for the heats of formation in the thermochemistry section in International Critical Tables. It includes 5,840 values of heats of formation and 350 values of heats of transition, fusion, vaporization, and reaction. All entries in the index are hyperlinked to their page numbers.

Smithsonian Physical Tables (ninth revised edition). Comprising 901 tables concentrating on common physical and chemical data, the information provided is of general interest to scientists and engineers, and of particular interest to those involved with physics in its larger sense. On knovel, the Smithsonian Physical Tables are navigable and full-text searchable. All entries in the index are hyperlinked to their page numbers.