Fortiva Announces Enhancements to Fortiva Archiving Suite

Apr 03, 2007

Fortiva Inc., a provider of on demand email archiving, has announced that over 40 enhancements have been made to the Fortiva Archiving Suite over the past 6 months. Fortiva is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) email archive that archiving needs, including email storage management with attachment stubbing, advanced search for legal discovery, and compliance with supervision and retention requirements.

Some of the features that Fortiva offers include: advanced legal discovery search tools allow legal counsel to manage discovery requests without the help of IT; attachment stubbing enables IT to reduce email server storage by as much as 80% without limiting end user access to email; real-time archive searching from Outlook allows end users to have complete control over their knowledge base and provides access to retrieve accidentally deleted email; and a web-based supervision tool allows compliance departments to review and monitor email.