Selects TriggerNews PL News Alerting System

Apr 09, 2004

News Technologies LLC has announced that will be upgrading their current Business News Alerting system to TriggerNews PL (Private Label). With the upgrade, plans to offer third-party online publishers a tool for their users to receive the business news alerts. The news alert system currently provides visitors access to breaking news content updates on their desktop. will be the first company to participate in the program. The new system allows to add multi-media content in their alerts, including linked text, images, streaming audio, or streaming video. Users will also be able to select which categories they want to receive news in and/or enter their own trigger words for news matching. News Technologies LLC specializes in providing real-time business and world news desktop alerts through, its subscription news service or through its privately branded and licensed news alerting software platform called TriggerNews PL.