FirstStop WebSearch Releases Free Open Interface

Nov 05, 2004

FirstStop WebSearch, LLC has announced the release of version 4 of the open (XML) specification, which is designed to allow the public to extend the capabilities of FirstStop WebSearch to access the information resources that can be found on the Internet, intranets, and extranet. The FirstStop family of search source integration software programs is explicitly designed as extensible, scaleable, and customizable tools for the general consumer, as well as the professional with specialized needs.

The latest release of FirstStop software is expected to extend the product family's ability to harvest information from hand-selected sources in real-time to enable corporate users to gain access to the news, commentary, and consumer opinion that resides within Web sites, webblogs, news feeds, and syndicated services. FirstStop WebSearch may be used to manage searches and results, access information not indexed by search engines, bypass search engines and connect directly to hand-picked information sources and, stimulate serendipitous behavior.